AccountingGo Launches Service to Connect Small Businesses to Affordable Accounting Services

There is now a free directory of affordable accounting and consulting firms for small businesses struggling with costs and the pandemic.

AccountingGo just launched in Houston and 12 other US cities. The service lists companies that are less than three years old because they tend to cost less.

AccountingGo launches in the United States for small businesses

David Maly is the company’s spokesperson. Small Business Trends contacted him to find out how this service works.

“Let’s say you own a small manufacturing business in Los Angeles. You applied for a loan to develop your business, ”he writes. “You think, ‘Maybe I should find a young accounting firm. Maybe they will be more accessible and give me a price cut. The question is where to go to find them. You now have a solution: AccountingGo ‘.

More important with the pandemic

He goes on to say that accountants have become more important with the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Still, it’s hard to find one that fits the needs and budget of a small business.

“To ensure their quality, AccountingGo requires that listed companies be at least partially owned by a CPA,” Maly wrote in a press release.

The company also categorizes the services to make it easier for small businesses to choose the ones they need. For example, a small manufacturing company might select the audit and the manufacturing subcategory. There is also a section for plugging in income. This narrows down a company’s choices.

Explore more in depth

Need to dig a little deeper? There is another option.

Maly explains: “If you want to find a more experienced firm, there is a link to our subsidiary, Accounting in a Box. It is a network of seasoned and selective accounting and consulting firms. They go through a verification process and agree to meet certain standards.

There is another angle that should be of interest to small businesses. AccountingGo is a great place for those small accounting firms in the market. They have the chance to reach new customers and showcase what they have to offer. Best of all for these new businesses, the services are free.

Maly says the company is impatient.

“The response to AccountingGo has been overwhelmingly positive from the accounting communities and members of the public,” he writes. “The directory is growing rapidly and currently includes more than a dozen American cities. We hope to be in every major city in the United States by the end of the year.

He says the new service is already growing rapidly with new locations added every week.

“Registration on the site is free and we do not support any business. It is simply a service to improve our communities, ”says Maly.

Cities currently listed on AccountingGo include: San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle, Sacramento and Portland (Oregon).



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