Advisor offers points system to reward green businesses


Going green could soon earn extra points for businesses with the City of Winnipeg.

A new motion seeks to reward submissions that align with Winnipeg’s climate action plan. If approved, the city will devote 10 percent of the available points to this goal when it ranks an offer, which will affect all future city requests for proposals.

“If we’re serious about putting our money where our mouth is on climate action, I think this is an example where we could really… give some importance to the climate in which we select through our calls for help. offers as successful candidates, ”said Coun. . Matt Allard, the mover of the motion.

The city often uses competitive bidding to find companies to provide services and products. City staff ranks the applications obtained according to a point system and recommends the offer that obtains the highest score.

Devoting 10 percent of the available points to assessing how well each option helps tackle climate change should attract more environmentally friendly proposals, Allard said.

“I find it hard to imagine a situation where the climate lens would not be applicable,” he said.

As part of its climate action plan, the city has set key targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 20% from 2011 levels by 2030 and 80% by 2050.

Allard said changing the point system could help trigger work towards that goal. For example, it could help prioritize future garbage collection offerings that use zero-emission vehicles, he said.

Curt Hull, project director at Climate Change Connection, said the proposed change could help the city implement its climate action plan.

“Any candidate for the call for tenders (should) look at the climate action plan. This prevents him from being buried. It moves it forward and that in itself is important… In addition to raising awareness, it can change the design or implementation of future projects, ”said Hull.

Tracy Hucul, executive director of the Green Action Center, said it is essential to ensure that emission reduction targets are met.

“We are at a tipping point right now. We are seeing the temperatures rise, we are seeing the impacts it has on our local communities, intense weather events, droughts… We are running out of time and we really need to be focusing. on whatever we can do in our power now, ”Hucul said.

Allard’s motion would require full board approval. It will be considered on June 21 at the Riel community committee meeting.

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