Belarusian Helsinki Committee and Union of Belarusian Writers liquidated


The authorities liquidated the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. There is only one organization called “Legal Initiative” which is still officially committed to the protection of human rights. Apparently not for long. The decision to liquidate the BHC was taken by the Supreme Court at the request of the Ministry of Justice. Later, the same thing happened with the Belarusian Writers’ Union.

The Belarusian Helsinki Committee reportedly paid two people to observe the elections. This became a ground for liquidation officially announced by the court. Copies of the documents came from another criminal case. They did not receive an appropriate legal assessment. The BHC called them fake.

“This is, of course, a confirmation of the absence of a fair and independent tribunal and of the ongoing campaign to eliminate the independent third sector and put pressure on human rights defenders,” said the president of the BHC . Aleh hulak noted.

The Belarusian Helsinki Committee was established in 1995. The organization defended the rights of citizens, with “Viasna”, the BHC organized the observation of the elections within the framework of the campaign “Human rights defenders for fair elections ”. Thus, the “Legal Initiative” remains the only association for the defense of human rights registered in Belarus. Certainly, on October 5, the Supreme Court will consider the trial and its liquidation.

“Of course, we will have to make some adjustments to our activities, but we will certainly continue our work because all of this shows that work is very much needed at the moment,” said BHC President Aleh Hulak.

One of the most stable creative organizations in Belarus – the Belarusian Writers Union – was also recently liquidated. The organization was founded in the 1930s with the participation of Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Maksim Tank and other Belarusian writers. Today the Union has more than 450 members.

“We hoped until the last that the court would be fair and legal because we presented all the arguments that we did not violate any law, but unfortunately the court did not listen to our explanations and our arguments,” the president said. of the Union. Belarusian writers Barys Piatrovich immediately after the verdict.

The other day, Alyaksandr Loukachenka expressed his opinion on public organizations in Belarus. “It’s time to pass a law stating that our civil society is not NGOs and other bullshit. We have public bodies. We must describe them openly. We have unions, BRYU, we have veterans, women’s organizations. Those who have shown what a real civil society is ”.

The massive liquidation of non-governmental organizations began in June. It affected not only political parties and human rights centers, but also cultural and historical communities. The Ministry of Justice has initiated the transfer of summons to court. No public association has yet won the case or challenged the court’s decision.

Iryna Karniyenka, Belsat


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