Best Construction Accounting Software 2022 – Forbes Advisor

CoConstruct is your partner for managing unlimited construction projects with its four-part software platform. The platform starts with pre-construction details that include a cost catalog, lead management, and a section for proposals and contracts. It offers standard estimating tools to help you land the job. When you complete the pre-build phase, you move into the project management, operations, and finance segments of the software that run concurrently.

In the project management segment, you can use the task manager and work log to track key activities. Scheduling is simplified and you can manage employee and contractor clocks. The operations component allows you to manage emails directly from the platform with custom branded solutions. Use this component for managing files and photos.

When it comes to finance, the software offers bid, change order, and purchase order (PO) management. You can invoice clients and make payments directly from the app and monitor the budget to ensure you stay on track. For those who want it, there is a QuickBooks integration.

Pricing starts at $99 per month, but that introductory price increases to $349 per month after two months. If you want to unlock advanced estimating and invoice management, you’ll want the Plus plan for $399 per month.

Who should use it:

It’s best for contractors who have high scheduling requirements and need a central place to organize it with the costs associated with workers.

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