Cloud-based accounting service provider Complete Controller announces the launch of its new MoreReporting tool

Jennifer BrazerFounder and CEO of Complete Controller comments, “While our basic accounting and records management services are fundamental requirements for business and household accounting, advanced and customizable reports allow clients to make truly informed decisions. Many entrepreneurs and heads of households struggle to understand their financial situation. reports and use their data to inform their financial strategies. With MoreReporting, we can bring this information to our clients and work with them to distill it into manageable guides for cash management, debt utilization, service and product pricing, and positioning for future goals. This reinforces our mission of empowerment through financial literacy. »

MoreReporting has the ability to integrate with Intuit’s online and desktop products as well as NAICS benchmarking and KPI reporting using the latest AI technology. Complete Controller serves as an outsourced CAS (Client Accounting Services) department for CPA firms, CFOs, business coaches, and property management companies, as well as directly serving small business and household markets nationwide . The company provides its customers with a fully integrated custom technology stack and subscription-based accounting services. As Brazer noted, the enterprise value pricing model only works when efficiencies are derived from technologies that are fully integrated into the core GL software and work seamlessly in the secure cloud portal that the company provides to its clients and their financial advisors.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, which industry predicts will soon perform most of the less intelligent tasks automatically; CAS operators stay relevant by adopting a more hands-on advisory stance with their customers. Complete Controller expects the addition of More Reporting to increase their value as advisors in common financial management topics, such as cash flow and debt preparedness.

“We at MoreReporting are excited to work closely with Complete Controller to help them achieve their goal of turning financial reporting into management advice for their clients. In addition to our standard reporting and visualization capabilities, MoreReporting uses the ‘artificial intelligence (AI) to help benchmark financial results against the client’s industry and uncover divergent performance patterns and trends to identify and address challenges and opportunities,’ says MoreReporting CEO, David Meilsoe.

“Complete Controller is one of the most visionary accounting firms we know across the country and a true industry leader. By adding MoreReporting to their menu of valuable products and services and leveraging our technology to ‘state-of-the-art AI, we know can help customers grow and communicate financial results and progress faster and easier.”

About Complete Controller(R):

Complete Controller is the nation’s leading provider of virtual accounting services, serving businesses and households. Using Complete Controller’s technology, clients have access to a cloud-hosted desktop where their entire team and tax accountant can access the QuickBooks file, ancillary back-office tools, and critical financial documents in one connected environment. single efficient and secure. Complete Controller’s team of US-based accounting professionals are QuickBooksTM ProAdvisors certified, providing accounting and controller services including training, full and part-service accounting, cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting, payment of supplier invoices and customer invoicing, management of debts and receivables, advice on processes and controls, periodic closing and personalized reporting. Offering flat rates, Complete Controller is the most cost-effective expert accounting solution for businesses, family trusts and households of any size or complexity. For more information, please visit

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