Coinbooks raises $3.2 million to develop accounting software to serve DAOs

  • A San Francisco-based accounting software startup, Coinbooks, has raised $3.2 million from investors involving a number of big names.
  • Coin books work by merging with cryptocurrency wallets and persistent accounting software so that cryptocurrency businesses can manage crypto and non-crypto transactions.
  • Coinbooks completed its most recent round earlier this month, which was $2.5 million, with a pre-seed round of $700,000.

Simplified accounting for DAOs

A San Francisco-based accounting software startup, Coinbooks, just started 3 months ago. But over that time, the organization has raised $3.2 million from investors including Orange DAO, Seed Club Ventures, Polygon Founders, Lattice Capital, Multicoin Capital, and Y Combinator.

Discovered by a 21-year-old, Arnav Bathla, the organization aims to transform the way DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and cryptocurrency businesses currently keep accounts.

Arnav told a news website that persistent accounting platforms are merging with bank accounts. Cryptocurrency organizations and DAOs use wallets for their digital asset transactions. This means that they have to manually copy and paste transactions into persistent platforms to trace their digital assets.

Coinbooks works in a mix with cryptocurrency wallets and persistent accounting software so that the digital asset organization can manage both their crypto and non-crypto transactions in one place.

DAOs have seen a surge in growth over the previous year, with approximately $16 billion in total assets under management and 1.7 million members as of December 2021, according to research from a website. ‘news. Unlike conventional organizations, DAOs operate through smart contract tools and frequently use game organizational frameworks.

Coinbooks’ most recent round ended earlier this month, securing $2.5 million in that round with a pre-seed in February for $700,000. With such funding, the founder of Coinbooks aims to build a strong team, examine product-market fit and focus on scaling. Coinbooks will also participate in the Y Combinator Summer 2022 cohort.

Why is accounting important for crypto?

For tax purposes, the use of crypto assets is considered a barter exchange, the value must be established at the time of receipt and the basis must be documented.

Making payments through crypto assets triggers an identification of loss or gain, which is why it is important to monitor cryptocurrency closely. On the financial accounting side, the receipt of digital currency from a customer falls under revenue identification laws for virtual assets.

There are two elements to using crypto assets as transactions for organizational expenses – sales of currency and receipt of goods or services for non-cash consideration.

On the financial statements, related accounting policies need to be addressed and influence several threats and future economic outcomes.

What is a DAO?

A DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a way to organize people and their interests on the web using blockchain technology.

People can create a DAO to raise funds for charity or create an investment organization where each member is likely to contribute funds against receiving equity in a project or business.

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