Desmone submits 20 federal proposals to city consultant


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The consultant working with Youngstown officials on the potential redevelopment of 20 Federal Place received the full proposal on Wednesday from Desmone, the Pittsburgh architectural firm which had requested additional time.

Officials at Steadfast City Economic & Community Partners, St. Louis, confirmed by email Wednesday evening that Desmone had submitted his proposal.

The city had set a deadline of June 1 at 4 p.m. for responses to the call for proposals. Wording included in the RFP indicated that proposals received after the deadline would not be considered until a redeveloper was selected.

Desmone was one of two potential developers who responded to the city’s request for proposals to purchase and redevelop 20 Federal Place, the old Strouss building in the city center. Its submission indicated that the company would provide further information, said Doug Rasmussen, president and CEO of Steadfast City.

“There is no formal extension, but the city reserves the right to continue reviewing documents submitted after the deadline,” he said.

Downtown Development Group, which has acquired and redeveloped several properties in downtown Warren, responded with a full proposal ahead of the city deadline.

“We know that these two groups will be subject to further scrutiny and move forward in the process,” said Rasmussen. Additional proposals are not expected, but if there were any, the city would have the right to consider them, he reiterated.

Mark Marvin, president of the Downtown Development Group, said in an email Wednesday that he would not be happy if the city extended the deadline, but added that his proposal was “intended to stand up against all others” to the deadline set.

“So if no information is shared, the process will proceed accordingly,” he said. “Once we are contacted once this process is complete, we will see what direction DDG takes. “

DDG and Desmone will both need to do additional due diligence on the property, Rasmussen said. He expects both organizations to submit additional information within the next month.

After another round of due diligence, DDG will adjust its proposal “as needed,” Marvin said. He requested the ability to take an additional walk on his own with access to all areas of the building to “check additional aspects of our proposal to provide further analysis and possibly other details” regarding the intentions of the building. business for property.

“Going through the building with 26 other people was not ideal for looking and asking relevant, proposal-oriented questions. Everything back then was superficial, so we had to make a lot of assumptions when responding to the RFP, ”Marvin said.

Steadfast City hosted two events for developers to tour the building.

“We were very excited with the nine groups who came and viewed the property,” said Rasmussen. The officials are satisfied with the two bids received by the city.

In addition, he said the visits “have generated interest” from some of the companies that have not submitted responses to the RFP in other city redevelopment projects. “They all indicated that their visit was a very positive experience and that they would be interested in future opportunities,” he said.

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