Emile Hirsch takes us behind the scenes of Son, Trollhunters and more


Luke David Blumm plays David in this movie, and he’s in so many horrible, intense scenes. When you share the set with a young actor like that, I know you have a son of your own, do your fatherly instincts stand out? I’m sure he had a legal guardian around, but did you try to coach him like, “Hey, that blood is fake.

Oh yeah, his pops were still there on set, and he was a great guy. We have been hanging out with my son ever since. We went gold panning in the San Gabriel Mountains. We actually had a blast. Luke is a very wise and very intelligent child. He’s just an ordinary kid. It’s like making a movie, when the mechanics of it are broken, if you watch it, it’s scary. But, if you do it piece by piece, it’s very different the way movies are made. He looked good. He looked cool. It seemed like he really enjoyed doing it. I think he had a blast.

Son is a purely fictional film that revolves around this world of worship. You played in Once upon a time … in Hollywood, which is actually loosely based on a true story that involved real-life worship. Does it scare you that cults like this can really exist in the world?

It’s kinda weird. I do not know. It is as if people are fascinated by cults. Cults are pretty cool, I guess. Who doesn’t want to join a cult at some level? It’s like, man, how weird is that? What kind of weird stuff are you guys doing in there? You know? I get the fascination, because if there’s a crazy cult article about it, I’m like, “Ooh, let me read about this crazy cult. How brainwashed these people have been. ? Let’s see. Let’s see. ” I don’t know why, it’s just very fascinating. I do not know.

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you think about the occult, the supernatural, demons and stuff like that? Are you open-minded about these things? Do you believe in stuff like this? Or is it just pretending?

I do not really know. I’m a little agnostic that way, with this stuff. I wouldn’t want to tempt fate this way, saying to myself: “I do not believe it! Look, I’m going to spray all this holy water just to prove the point! “ I’m not that guy. It’s like in all horror movies, there’s the guy doing that, and then it’s like the demon is coming for him. No, I’m not really like that. But I do not know.

I am actually a big fan of your movie Imaginary heroes.

Oh thank you.


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