JobsNOW: Cafaro Company Needs Investment Accounting Manager

(WKBN) – Sometimes you may be in the right area, but maybe just in the wrong place. JobsNow could be the matchmaker. Tonight we have details of an accounting job that could be a perfect fit for someone and a great opportunity.

The Cafaro company has openings in its head office. One is a unique position that combines accounting with investment oversight. The company needs an investment accounting manager.

“So that’s a unique position to have in our region and something that accountants may not necessarily be aware of and really want to bring attention to that position,” said Brad Nigh, investment director of Cafaro.

Cafaro works with investment managers and professionals across the United States to get their input. He has someone to invest. The investment accounting manager ensures that what the company is told about it is what it is investing in.

“So we’re looking for someone who has about four to five years of experience. We need someone familiar with tax forms such as K-1 and 1099 to know what’s on them and how to incorporate them into the accounting,” Nigh said.

Cafaro has the investment side. Think of it as a balance between real estate development and management. These malls and plazas make up the operations side. Additionally, the Cafaro Foundation supports churches, schools, and other charitable causes.

The Investment Accounting Manager reports investment activities and holdings monthly, quarterly and annually.

There is no tax season, so the job provides a good work-life balance.

“It’s a lot more exciting than normal accounting in my opinion,” Nigh said.

Nigh is promoted, which creates this opening. He considers it a highly valued job at Cafaro and knows it will be the right opportunity for someone.

“It’s a great and exciting position, and we would love to get a great response and hire someone who is highly motivated,” Nigh said.

Cafaro also needs a tax specialist and accounting staff. So if you’re a numbers whiz, there’s an opportunity.

Visit the Cafaro website to see job openings.

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