K2 Integrity Strengthens Financial Investigations and Forensic Services

NEW YORK, February 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today K2 Integrity announced Thomas Panelll joined the firm as Managing Director and Timothy Hedley as Senior Advisor in its Investigations and Risk Advisory practice. The addition of the deep expertise of Mr. Pannell and Dr. Hedley will strengthen the firm’s financial investigation and forensic service offerings to meet increased demands from clients struggling with fraud induced by the economic downturn and rising in expected power of law enforcement. Mr. Pannell and Dr. Hedley join K2 Integrity from EY and KPMG, respectively, where they were each partners and have over 20 years of experience at the Big Four firms.

“Organizations today face a unique set of challenges that are a byproduct of the pandemic and the economic recession it has created. As fraud continues to proliferate in these uncertain times, it is essential that leaders prepare vigorously to protect their organizations and to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a crisis,” said Snežana Gebauer, Executive Managing Director and Head of Investigations and Risk Consulting, Americas. “We remain committed to providing our customers the most experienced teams and innovative technological solutions to solve their most complex and unforeseen problems. The addition of Tom Panel and Tim Hedley to the K2 Integrity team represents an extremely important step forward in deepening our financial fraud investigation capabilities.”

“Our customers around the world are grappling with a host of new threats and risks, calling on our team to help them meet the challenges they face,” said Robert Brenner, Global Co-Managing Partner and Chief Legal Officer. “Together, Tom and Tim bring decades of experience and unparalleled expertise to our global practice.”

About K2 Integrity’s Financial Investigation and Forensic Services

K2 Integrity’s risk investigation and advisory practice provides clients, their advisors and other advisors and stakeholders with the relevant and timely information needed to make fully informed business and legal decisions necessary for the prevail in a complex international operating environment. The diversity of experiences and approaches that K2 Integrity practitioners bring to each engagement means that the firm’s investigations are tailored to the client’s needs and tailored to the unique circumstances of each situation.

K2 Integrity conducts financial investigations and provides forensic accounting services to assist clients facing actual or potential regulatory review or litigation, and to achieve their compliance objectives. The firm’s unique approach to financial investigations combines technical forensic accounting and an investigative skill set with cutting-edge forensic accounting and data mining technologies. The team is made up of experts in analyzing large and complex datasets and integrating results from other investigative workflows. Areas of expertise include anti-bribery and corruption investigations; asset tracing investigations; analysis of bank statements and fund flows; complex cross-border financial investigations; financial data analysis; testimony from experts and fact witnesses; financial reporting and assessment disclosure; forensic audits; fraud, embezzlement and embezzlement investigations; fraud risk assessments; review and correction of internal controls; internal investigations; Ponzi scheme investigations; quantification of damage; and reconstruction of financial transactions.

On Thomas Panelll

Mr. Pannell joins K2 Integrity from EY’s Integrity and Forensic Services practice, where he was a partner specializing in matters relating to corruption and fraud across all industries. He has over 20 years of survey and accounting experience, bringing subject matter expertise across industries. He leads multi-disciplinary teams working with corporate clients and their legal advisors responding to crisis events, including multi-jurisdictional white-collar crimes, misconduct, financial statement fraud, anti-corruption incidents and the fight against bribes and advice on compliance risks. Mr. Pannell has made presentations to regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), as well as to audit and special committees, boards of directors and other stakeholders.

Mr. Pannell frequently leads teams on issues around the world, including those of Brazil, China, Russia, India, Turkey, Angola, bosnia, Germany, Tunisia, Egyptand United States. He advises on complex regulatory issues, using his understanding of client industries to identify and mitigate key risks. He also helps clients in all industries improve compliance programs by focusing on effective and practical compliance measures tailored to clients’ risk profiles. Mr. Pannell is an established author and thought leader on the topics of fraud, bribery and corruption, and compliance risk.

Learn more about Mr. Pannell.

On Timothy Hedley

Dr. Hedley has over 25 years of experience providing clients with a wide range of medico-legal services to assist in the prevention, detection and response to governance and integrity issues. He works with companies to respond to allegations of fraud or misconduct involving the management of profits; bribery, corruption and kickbacks; counterfeit; construction fraud; Ponzi schemes; and employee theft.

Dr. Hedley has extensive experience in all industries and has developed methodologies and tools to assess the effectiveness of anti-fraud programs and corporate compliance, benchmark anti-fraud and compliance efforts against accepted industry practices. industry, establish baseline key performance indicators to monitor progress and conduct fraud awareness. and compliance training programs. Previously, Dr. Hedley was a forensic practice partner at KPMG, where he served as global head of the firm’s fraud risk management service offerings. Dr. Hedley holds a Ph.D. in public management with an emphasis on accounting and control, and is an adjunct faculty member at Fordham Universitywhere he teaches “Business Risk in a Global Digital Economy”.

Learn more about Dr. Hedley.

About K2 Integrity

K2 Integrity is the leading risk management, compliance, investigations and monitoring company, created by industry leaders, led by interdisciplinary teams and backed by cutting-edge technology to protect operations, reputation and the economic security of our customers. K2 Integrity represents the merger of K2 Intelligence, a leading investigative, compliance and cyber defense services company founded in 2009 by Jeremy M. Kroll and Jules B. Krollthe originator of the modern business investigation industry, and Financial Integrity Network (FIN), a leading strategic advisory firm founded by Juan Zarate and Poncy chip dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial integrity goals.

K2 Integrity leverages unparalleled multidisciplinary experience to develop cutting-edge solutions, drive business opportunities, and shape global economic security in a complex world. Whether protecting client assets or navigating the complex financial regulatory landscape to help clients identify, manage and mitigate risk, K2 Integrity is a trusted advisor in meeting and exceeding client goals in a rapidly changing world. To learn more about how K2 Integrity is revolutionizing risk management, visit our website, www.k2integrity.com, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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