Kamen & Co. Group Services Expands Valuation and Accounting Services Worldwide

Press release | Kamen & Co. Group Services, LLC

KAMEN & CO GROUP SERVICES, LLC, which for the past eight years has provided advice and counsel to FORBES reporters on wealth and the media by financially rating top media moguls for the Forbes list of America’s 400 Most Wealthy, announced plans to expand global services to Canada, England and Ireland in 2022.

Kevin B. Kamen, President and CEO of Kamen & Co, who founded the fast-growing Long Island, New York-based company 43 years ago, said: “To date, media executives of these three countries have interacted with our company and taken careful notice of our personalized and high quality valuation, accounting and brokerage achievements and each has requested us to provide their respective trade associations and memberships with the printing and digital our wide range of professional services. I have instructed my team to begin developing a strategic plan for global growth to meet these needs as soon as possible. »

Kamen & Co Group Services, LLC provides industry executives, ownership groups and boards of directors of print, digital, broadcast, film, technology, data, video, publishing, domain and Internet accounting services, restructuring, financial appraisal, brokerage and professional contract negotiation service.

For more information, contact:
Kevin B. Kamen, President and CEO
Kamen & Co. Group Services, LLC
Media evaluators, accountants and brokers
516-379-2797 | [email protected]

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