Kryptoskatt Announces Beta Launch Of Crypto Tax And Accounting Software, To Take Crypto Adoption To New Heights

Kryptoskatt Beta Launch – Crypto Taxation and Accounting Platform – Swedish Company

Kryptoskatt (Krypto + Skatt means Crypto Tax in Swedish) is here to take the crypto economy to new heights by helping investors, accountants to comply

We love the crypto industry and we have built Kryptoskatt to help users manage their portfolios, be in compliance, and get information about their investments in the easiest way possible.

– Sukesh Kumar Tedla, CEO and Founder – Kryptoskatt

GöTEBORG, SWEDEN, December 1, 2021 / – Kryptoskatt, a pioneering Swedish cryptocurrency company, has announced the launch of its one-stop shop for all matters related to accounting, taxes and other shipping of funds in the crypto space. An idea that came to the management team as they navigated the increasing complexity of managing their own cryptocurrency portfolio amid unclear government tax regulations has now become a solution in its own right.

In addition to organizing tokens from different wallets on a single platform, Kryptoskatt will also deal with different types of assets, lengthy tax reforms, Excel spreadsheets, and jurisdictional regulations, allowing investors to stay focused on issues. things that matter while the platform deals with taxes and the like. numeric variables.

There are over 10 different Blockchain and Crypto Exchange integrations added to the platform and more are expected after launch! In the near future, Kryptoskatt will add support for Swedish crypto exchanges and new blockchains such as Solana, RSK, TelosEVM and others.

In Sweden, more than 5 billion crowns were spent on cryptocurrencies in 2020 alone. In the same year, the number of cryptocurrency investors is estimated at more than 200,000 in Sweden alone. , but only 3,000 have declared crypto taxes due to the complexity and uncertainty. Kryptoskatt is in a good position to solve problems and help crypto investors.

Kryptoskatt eliminates the need to go through multiple exchanges and integrates all metrics into one platform. With the help of API integration, businesses and government organizations can seamlessly integrate Kryptoskatt into their existing procedures and processes.

For accountants and account managers in the crypto space, Kryptoskatt brings an unmatched advantage with its support for NFT, DeFi, EVM and Trading features. The platform is anything but conventional as it aims to become the premier platform for crypto taxation and regulation solutions to end the monotony of managing multiple accounts on the exchanges.

“We love the crypto industry and we have built Kryptoskatt to help users manage their portfolios and get information about crypto investments in the easiest way possible. Currently, Kryptoskatt fully supports Swedish users, but the platform can be used by users from other countries, the range of services will be extended shortly after launch ”, said Sukesh Kumar Tedla, CEO and Founder from Kryptoskatt.

The offerings that Kryptoskatt brings to the crypto economy are aimed at increasing crypto adoption in a compliant manner. Be a part of this journey as the crypto economy reaches new heights.

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Kryptoskatt AB
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