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New Delhi [India], April 22 (ANI / PRNewswire): “Innovation” is the fuel that makes the modern world work. No sector of the economy can prosper if it does not keep abreast of the latest developments. If it doesn’t, it is only a matter of time until it is pushed to the point of extinction by its competitors.

Despite the concerns expressed by some regarding the development of AI, it will be adopted by all as it should. In a world that moves inexorably towards automation, it has become a matter of survival for small businesses to cut costs in any way they can. If they stand a chance in their competition against the corporate giants of the world, it is only in their ability to evolve, adapt and embrace the ever-changing digital landscape.

This is where Marg Books resuscitates the MSME’s air gap in a post-pandemic economy. Thakur Anup Singh, CMD of Marg Group, has claimed that Corona will not be allowed to become an obstacle to business prosperity and Marg is ready to take responsibility for making sure that happens.

Marg’s research team has been working tirelessly since the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic to create software that can be easily used online and would simplify accounting, inventories, digital payments in addition to providing banking services. delivery and calculate tax returns due by companies. .

What sets Marg apart from other competitors in the market is its unique ability to customize software according to the needs of businesses, especially small, technically deficient businesses. Features have been developed in Marg Books to help a wide range of businesses – retailers, pharmacists, restaurateurs, grocery stores, and more. The revolution lies in the fact that it can be used online and from any device (computer, laptop, tablet and mobile) offering the possibility of working from home to its users.

The Covid-19-induced pandemic has triggered catastrophic consequences on the global economy. According to IMF estimates, the world economy shrank by 4.4% in 2020. Some economists have compared the recent recession to the Great Depression of the 1930s. India had experienced a decline in its growth rate before Covid, but the pandemic at one point had a quarter of India’s GDP as the supply chain was affected, leading to strong inflationary pressures.

The sectors most affected are tourism, aviation, hospitality and commerce while other sectors would end up being collateral damage. The virus outbreaks have caused one of the world’s worst economic downturns, considered a one-time event. In an increasingly connected world, the economic effects cannot remain isolated or be sequestered. The cascading effects of an economic disaster are invariably felt in all parts of the world, regardless of where the problem originated.

Marg Books is an outlier because he really understood the pulse of the market and personalized himself to meet the needs of his clients by getting rid of a standardized accounting format and adapting to the particularities of the company for which he will be used. This will reduce logistics costs, minimize if not completely eliminate human error, block monetary leakage due to corruption or inefficiency, invariably reducing infrastructure and time costs.

Its bank-to-bank payment system that connects customers to around 140 banks where payments can be accepted or sent without having to log into the banking portal provides luxury to its otherworldly users. With the use of Marg Books, the bank reconciliation process is reduced from an excruciatingly painful and time consuming process to a simple task.

Its customization features allow users to create descriptive categories based on their business profiles. For example, a clothing retailer can add categories like size, color, type and price while a pharmacist can have lot number categories. and the expiration date. In addition, it provides users with cloud-based access which takes away the constraint of having office space and using only selected devices.

Their penchant for continuous evolution is reflected in the products they have launched over the years. MargPay will establish itself as the largest payment solution once bank-to-bank logistics pave the way for digital transactions. Over a period of 5 months, he recorded over 1.8 lakh of transactions worth Rs 225 crore. ShipOnClick is pushing back the horizon of the delivery system which has gained greater prominence in light of the ongoing pandemic and will continue to gain traction. The online revolution is not without its victims. Small retailers in India have struggled to keep up with the range of discounts offered by their online counterparts and thus lost their customers.

Marg ERP’s PassKiDukan is giving these retailers a chance to relaunch where it will serve as an online platform for over 70,000 pharmacists. Marg PayBack is another inventive program where customers will be rewarded with cash back offers and freebies for the consistency with which they use the platform. Finally, the most important weapon in their arsenal is Marg Mart who will act as the equivalent of powerful search engines for retailers and put their businesses on the map online. In addition to these products, Marg has also launched eBusiness mobile apps which provide online ordering and payment services to over 25,000 distributors in conjunction with its e-Retail app which helps around 1.25 lakh retailers to make sales. business of around Rs 2,500 crore.

Marg currently provides her services to over 10 lakh retailers and distributors. Its distributors help over 60 lakh retailers who generate invoices of around 7 lakh crore amounting to Rs. 2000 crore. Marg has already managed to capture the lion’s share of the market (around 45 percent). With the launch of Marg Books, it aims to occupy at least 30 percent of the market. The founders of Marg are confident of achieving this goal as their 850 partners, thousands of employees and over a thousand members tirelessly pursue this goal.

Marg ERP with all of its products is akin to a modern day Prometheus spreading the light of technology from the grip of its corporate overlords to their retail counterparts. The ball is in the court of young entrepreneurs. It is up to them to embrace this fire and alleviate the suffering caused in a world of a “new normal”.



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