Outsource accounting services with BOSS will follow clients’ procedures

When outsourced accountants performing work for accounting firms, it is generally not possible for these firms to complete all of their work according to the firm’s unique procedures. And this is doubly the case when an accounting outsourcing firm offers this opportunity with only a promise of 50 hours of work per month. If an accounting firm is offered this chance to have its own procedures followed, it will only be offered if the accounting firm guarantees 160 hours of work per month or the equivalent of a full-time outsourced employee. This opportunity is a very unique offer for the accounting industry.

BOSS Customer and Marketing Director Lee Court said of BOSS’s latest addition to their services: “We have found that BOSS customers accept the option of completing their work with their own procedures followed. As each company has its own dedicated accountant who works on all of its work BOSS Outsourced Accountants can become familiar with the client’s procedures, which speeds up the work on their company’s work, as the virtual accountant gets used to their procedures and does not need to relearn new ones. It’s definitely a win-win solution for accounting firms that need help with outsourcing their work.

Even though engaging outsource accounting services is not seen as something new now, the outsourcing industry still needs to keep improving its offerings. Things can always be done better and if the industry were to simply stop improving just because more companies embrace outsourcing, it would be a sad day for an industry that has so much more to offer. BOSS has a proven track record in fine-tuning its services to add more value to its customers. With more and more outsourcing companies doing the same, outsourcing can really provide quality services for accounting firms in Australia.

To hire an outsourced accountant, visit www.boz.com.au


BOSS (Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd) was founded in 2004 to provide qualified full-time, part-time and casual accountants and bookkeepers to commercial enterprises, accounting and financial services companies in Australia.

BOSS India is a subsidiary of BOSS Australia and operates as a state-of-the-art, paperless Australian public practice as the Director and Principal of the Accounting Practice, Peter Vickers, has been operating his own successful Australian public practice for over twenty years.

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