Remade in Rochester Extends Deadline for Training and Workforce Development Proposals


Remade has announced its new deadline for education and workforce development proposals.

The REMADE Institute is pleased to announce a new extended deadline for Education and Workforce Development (EWD) projects as part of the organization’s fifth request for proposals. Letters of Intent and project summaries for EWD projects are now due by 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 1, two weeks from today. The original due date was June 3.

“REMADE and our partners are committed to filling knowledge gaps and training existing and emerging workers as the US transition to a circular economy accelerates,” said Nabil Nasr, CEO of REMADE. , a $ 140 million public-private partnership established by the United States Department of Energy. “In addition, our workforce initiatives increase the competitiveness of manufacturing in the United States and ensure that researchers, engineers, technicians and others in our country remain at the forefront of technology.

REMADE published its latest call for tenders last month, representing $ 50 million in available funding, including $ 1 million for education and workforce development proposals. These EWD projects are to develop short courses to educate, train and develop existing workers in the field of reuse, remanufacturing, recovery and recycling. EWD topics include:

Advanced material separation technologies
Chemical recycling of plastics
Simulation techniques to optimize the use of materials in manufacturing and recycling
Condition assessment for refurbishment
Reverse logistics for refurbishment
Cleaning for refurbishment
Design for refurbishment, recycling and / or reuse
Systems Thinking in Materiel Management: Benefits and Tools
Companies, universities and organizations that have workforce development projects that could align with the EWD section of REMADE’s tender can read the detailed tender here.

Efforts are underway around the world to move from today’s linear economy, where we take-make-dispose, to a circular economy, where we make-use-reuse-remanufacture-recycle. Conserving resources, reducing energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the competitiveness of the United States are major elements of this transformation. In five years, REMADE has developed solutions capable of:

Save 1 quadruple of energy, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of all American households per year
A 20% decrease in GHG emissions from US manufacturing in metals, polymers / plastics, fibers and electronic waste
Increase the supply and use of recycled materials by more than 40 million metric tons per year
Create up to 700,000 direct and indirect jobs, improve the US economy and increase the country’s manufacturing competitiveness

For more information on the EWD section of REMADE’s RFP, read the detailed RFP here. For more details on the Institute’s EWD 2020 roadmap, which guides the RFP, see the roadmap here.

Please note that letters of intent and project summaries for transformational RFP research, development and demonstration, as well as traditional research and development submissions are closed as of June 3.

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