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Several tender requests for proposals (RFPs) were reviewed by the Rogersville Council of Aldermen at Monday night’s meeting.

One of them included the City Park project, intended to improve both safety and aesthetics. Mayor Jon Hill opened three offers for it during the meeting which came up with widely varying estimates.

The highest bid was just over $ 88,000 and another was just over $ 74,000. However, a third and most favorable bid was submitted for $ 55,337.

Some board members were surprised by the estimate of the lowest concrete bid, as its cost in said bid was set at $ 12,000. The project is planned for 5,215 square feet of concrete for a six foot (four inches thick) sidewalk.

Labor for the project is estimated, at least according to this offer, at just over $ 26,000.

Although surprised by the low estimate for the concrete portion, Rogersville City Administrator Chad Bybee confirmed the clear concrete specifications in the RFP.

“I realize that it is much lower than [the]others, but it’s more where the supply is expected to come at [originally]”said Alderman Crystal Fore.

In the end, the board decided to have Bybee confirm that the bidder was clear on the concrete part of the project and a motion to bring the matter to final discussion, possibly at the next meeting, was approved.

“If we can get a good deal like this, I’m tickled to death.” said Mayor Hill.

At the May 5 meeting, an initial offer on the project that came in at a price well above the estimated cost was received and at that point the council chose to reject it and send it back without the law on the prevailing wages of Missouri, which must be paid to workers on public works construction projects valued at more than $ 75,000.

A singular offer on a call for tenders also came back to IT work for the city in the future. The auction was $ 2,955 to be billed on a monthly basis. According to City Clerk Glenda Stegner, Rogersville currently pays about $ 1,500 per month.

Mayor Hill suggested that Alderman Jack Cole –– with his specialized computer experience from his work at CoxHealth –– pass it on to people he knows and see what they think. A motion to table the question is approved.

Another old-fashioned question, somewhat related, has arisen regarding cybersecurity and the training of city employees in this regard.

Two different methods from different companies have been proposed. One would require a half or full day course, and Alderman Cole proposed that if he could get a free course, Bybee could attend a day and assess how beneficial it would be. for city staff and then make a recommendation from there.

Mayor Hill added, “I think council needs to be formed as well since we have a window to the computer system,” which others agreed to.

Stegner raised a problem with planning and grouping all employees – such as the night police – into one classroom might have its difficulties. Alderman Fore mentioned another option where another vendor sends one-on-one email courses that require a response at their own pace. If such courses fail, another assignment is given and each must be completed within a certain time frame.

Bybee then mentioned that the city’s new insurance provider was providing training on the subject at no cost, and pointed out that if it was “even remotely up to” the other alternatives, this could be the route chosen. . Council members again chose to take more time to consider all options, including the last one.

At the start of the meeting, Lauren Brooke spoke on behalf of KRog to explain her purpose and mission statement, highlighting the outlet’s focus on the community.

After that Brooke put on another hat and talked about this Saturday’s Bandit 5K race. She said there are currently 91 registrations and suspects there will be a total of 130-150 attendees this weekend.

“This will raise several thousand dollars for the park project,” Brooke said. “This is a great event for our community. Every year the runners come and they say it’s a beautiful city, a big park and they come back year after year and bring their friends.

The 5K is at 7:30 p.m. and a movie should follow afterwards.

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