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Company presentation

At Motorola Solutions, we create technologies our customers call their lifeline. Our communications, software, video and service technology platforms help our customers work more safely and efficiently. Whether it’s helping firefighters see through smoke, allowing police officers to see around street corners, or keeping lights on reliably in homes and businesses around the world, our work supports those who risk their lives to keep us safe. Bring your passion, potential and talents to Motorola Solutions and help us usher in a new era in public safety.

Department overview
The Regulatory Compliance Officer is a leader responsible for the design, implementation and administration of the regulatory compliance program for the regulated activities of Motorola Solutions, Inc. (“Motorola”) in the United States, particularly with respect to MSI’s subsidiaries offering telecommunications, 9-1-1 and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services.
job description

The Regulatory Compliance Officer will work closely with other members of Motorola’s regulatory and compliance teams, as well as business, accounting and finance executives to create and / or maintain policies and effective procedures for ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, for determining applicable classifications of assets and services, and for reviewing state and federal regulatory revenues, surcharges and expense reports.


  • Regulatory and Compliance Professional, supporting the design, administration and audit of regulatory compliance programs for Motorola subsidiaries providing telecommunications, VoIP and 9-1-1 services.

  • Provide advice and support in determining the regulatory classifications applicable to assets and services, including:

    • For intra and interstate jurisdictional determinations, oversee traffic studies, implement an audit process for customer traffic studies and support the legal department in drafting related contractual provisions.

    • For bundled services, lead the development and implementation of a process for identifying the components of regulated network services and associated revenues.

  • Provide finance and accounting advice on the derivation of regulatory fees or other required contributions from telecommunications, 9-1-1 and VoIP providers, such as the Federal and State Universal Service Fund (USF), taking into account account of applicable wholesale / resale and retail relationships.

  • Support finance and accounting with guidance in preparing state and federal revenue reports, such as the Annual and Quarterly FCC 499 Form for the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

  • Identify state and federal regulatory proceedings that are relevant or potentially impacting VoIP service providers, and work with legal or government affairs to support any filing or submission in such proceedings.

  • Work with the legal team to develop contractual provisions addressing VoIP compliance obligations in supply and go-to-market contracts.

  • Assist in the administration and audit of a program for compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 911 reliability obligations.


  • Excellent command of regulatory classification of network components and services, derivation of telecommunications charges such as federal and state USF, TRS, utility assessment charges and an understanding and ability to provide advice on income reports such as the annual and quarterly FCC 499 form and state utilities commission reports.

  • Also a plus but not mandatory:

    • Experience with tax requirements.

    • Specific experience with VoIP and / or 911 service.

    • Legal or accounting degree.

  • An ability to engage individuals and teams to ensure timely project completion.

  • Strong grasp of business issues and ease in working with business leaders to implement compliance frameworks around business concepts.

  • The ability to work under pressure, meet tight deadlines and balance a heavy workload.

Basic requirements

Travel requirements
Less than 10 %
Moving provided
position type
Reference payment plan

TEE Declaration

Motorola Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other protected characteristic.

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