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It’s easy to play through Skyrim and let yourself be carried away by the surrounding world and the tradition of forgetting the voice acting that went into the game. While many voice actors lend their talents to more than a number of characters, others are limited to a handful or just one. . Each of the actors involved do a pretty good job of bringing him back and making the people of Skyrim feel believable.

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That being said, there are some very famous names attached to the project, which some players may find quite surprising. Here is a breakdown of some of the Skyrim voice actors and the characters they play in the game. If nothing else, it’s guaranteed to change perceptions in the next game.

ten Various Voices (Keith Szarabajka)

Keith Szarabajka (The Dark Knight) as Erandur in Skyrim

Keith Szarabajka is responsible for voicing a multitude of Skyrim characters – 33, in fact. One of his best-known roles is that of Erandur, a former member of a cult dedicated to the cult of Prince Daedra Vaermina. He helps the player rid Dawnstar of an evil force in the Walking Nightmare quest.

Outside of Skyrim, Szarabajka is more easily recognized for his role in the iconic Black Knight as Stephens, a Gotham police officer pushed by the Joker into attacking him in an interrogation room, which gives him the opportunity to escape and detonate a bomb in the compound.

9 Aela the Huntress (Claudia Christian)

Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) as Aela in Skyrim

Popular Babylon 5 actress Claudia Christian has lent her voice to several Skyrim characters, the most famous being Aela the Huntress, a member of the group of werewolves known as the Companions. The player can talk to Aela and join the Companions, which means going through a ritual to become a werewolf as well.

Christian has also appeared in shows such as Colombo, Matlock, and Relic Hunter, as well as the film by Steven Seagal Half past dead and The hunt, with Charlie Sheen. Recently, she has been lending her talents to more and more video games such as World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, and Diablo III.

8 Paarthurnax (Charles Martinet)

Charles Martinet (the voice of Super Mario) as Paarthurnax in Skyrim

Charles Martinet is one of those actors who has appeared in just about everything; a tribute to his versatility as an actor. It’s not every day that you find an actor who has lent his talents to Space Quest 6, and the thriller by Michael Douglas The game. Swift has also appeared in a number of Nintendo-related video games. In fact, he’s the official voice actor for Mario’s character, a job that started when he dubbed the little plumber in Super Mario 64.

He played the wise old dragon Paarthurnax, who rejected the mad traits of power of his own kind and fled to the Throat of the World to live a peaceful life. He assists the player by giving him valuable information and wisdom on how to end Alduin’s terrible plans for Tamriel.

7 Kodlak Whiteman / Malacath (Michael Donovan)

Michael Donovan as Malacath

Michael Donovan’s career as a voice actor is amazing. He has lent his voice to cartoon series as popular as GI Joe, Captain N: The Game Master, and Conan: The adventurer. On the video game front, Donovan has appeared in World of Warcraft, Lego Star Wars, and Final Fantasy Type-0, to name a few.

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He is best known for his deep and aggressive voice which is ideal for villain roles. It served him well in Skyrim when he voiced two characters, one of which was the antagonistic Prince Daedra Malacath, widely regarded as a demon by the Nords.

6 Azura / Gormlaith Golden-Hilt (Lynda Carter)

Lynda Carter (The Dark Knight) as Azura in Skyrim

1980s renamed Wonder woman actress Lynda Carter voiced two characters in Skyrim, the first being Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, a female warrior who helps the player end Alduin’s campaign of terror towards the end of the game. She also portrayed Azura, a Daedra prince in female form.

In addition to her role as Wonder Woman, Carter appeared in Small town, Law and order, and Super Troopers. Incidentally, she also lent her voice talents to a previous play in the Old scrolls franchise, in particular Morrowind.

5 Ulfric Stormcloak (Vladimir Kulich)

Vladimir Kulich (the 13th warrior) as Ulfric Stormcloak in Skyrim

Vladimir Kulich has made a comfortable name for himself, having starred in the hit TV series Vikings, Smoke aces, the Buffy derivative series Angel, and The 13th Warrior, with Antonio Banderas. He also made an appearance in the internationally successful television series mountain dweller, a fallout from classic fantasy movie from 1986.

Kulich played Ulfric Stormcloak, a Skyrim patriot who rejects the Empire’s muscular attempts to suppress and control the province. With the power of the Thu’um at his disposal, Ulfric attempted to rally the true Nords of Skyrim behind his banner to strike and claim sovereignty over his people.

4 General Tullius (Michael Hogan)

Michael Hogan as General Tullius in Skyrim

Michael Hogan may be unknown to most audiences, but his work is vast and incredibly unique. It started in the years 1978 High-ballin ‘ before moving on to everything from the super popular Canadian drama series The smallest hobo at Smallville, The outer limits, and Battlestar Galactica.

Hogan portrayed General Tullius, a brilliant tactician sent to Skyrim to quell the Civil War uprising fueled by Ulfric Stormcloak and his resistance to the White Gold Concordat. He is portrayed as a no-frills military man with little taste for politics, preferring instead to shut up and do his job.

3 Delphine (Jeanne Allen)

Joan Allen (Face / Off, The Bourne Supremacy) as Delphine in Skyrim

Joan Allen is best known to audiences for her role as Eve Archer, wife of super cop Sean Archer in the John Woo hit. Face / Off. She also starred in such hits as Pleasantville, Bourne supremacy, and the 2008 remake of Death Race, with Jason Statham.

Her role as Delphine was crucial. She represented a side against the Graybeards, whom she believed to be untrustworthy and incapable of stopping the Dragon Curse plaguing the province of Skyrim. She is considered one of the most important characters in the game and helps the player through a number of quests.

2 Arngeir (Christophe Plummer)

Christopher Plummer (Star Trek VI) as Arngier

The world recently lost Christopher Plummer, who spent decades as one of the most iconic actors to ever grace the big screen. Plummer portrayed Arngeir, a member of the mysterious Greybeards who provide the player with invaluable knowledge of dragon cries and the power to use them in battle.

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Plummer began his path to fame in 1953, starring in films such as The sound of music, The return of the pink panther, and Star Trek VI: The Unknown Land. Most recently he starred in the star-studded comedy-thriller Knives out, before passing away.

1 Esbern (Max Von Sydow)

Max Von Sydow (The Exorcist) as Esbern in Skyrim

the late, great Max Von Sydow lent his signature and easily recognizable voice to Skyrim like Esbern, a Nordic sage and the last living member of the Blades, a royal order that protected the various Emperors Septim. Throughout the game, Esbern guides the player through everything Dragon-related in Skyrim.

Sydow is, of course, best known for his iconic portrayal of Father Lankester Merrin in The Exorcist, as well as various appearances throughout the HBO fantasy series Game of thrones to hilarious canadian comedy Strange drink, with Bob and Doug McKenzie.

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