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The two penguins can be seen picking leaves and exploring the place curiously.

Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Srimoyee Chowdhury

Penguins waddle to explore the world. After museums and aquariums, a video of two hiking penguins caught the attention of internet users. This video shared by the Oregon Zoo gives a totally different picture of two penguins, Nacho and Goat. The clip shows the penguins going on an adventure and there’s a good chance they’ll steal your heart along the way.

Shared on Instagram, the clip shows Nacho and Goat waddling happily around an open area resembling a forest. They can be seen picking leaves and curiously exploring the place. One of them also makes a new friend at the end of the clip.

“Take to the air with Nacho and Goat,” the caption reads.

Discover the frolicking penguins:

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Posted on November 6, the clip garnered over 1.3 lakh of views as well as numerous comments from internet users. People couldn’t help but spread their love for the adorable penguins in the form of heart-shaped emojis. Many simply expressed their wish to accompany Nacho and Goat on a hike.

“I love watching Nacho and Goat continue their adventures,” wrote one Instagram user. “Do you think we could also ask to hike with the penguins,” commented another. ” Too adorable ! They seem to be really enjoying themselves, ”said a third.

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